Grinding Scarifying & Milling

We have the largest and most diverse fleet of surface preparation equipment in California.  Removing flooring, coatings, epoxies, sealers, etc., or preparing a concrete floor for another covering mean placing the right piece of equipment with the correct tooling to properly and efficiently prepare the floor.

Our fleet is filled multiple sizes and quantities of shotblasters, floor scrapers, grinders, waterblasters and scarifiers.  Our clients are assured that we are more than prepared to tackle their project and complete it on time.

Scarifying and Milling

Scarifying and Milling can be the most efficient and cost-effective method of removing thick materials. We have a fleet of walk behind, stand-on, and ride-on scarifying, milling, and shaving machines. Scarifying/Milling is also a floor preparation technique to grind down uneven slabs, control joints, or high spots. This can be a big benefit when installing large ceramic tiles. Our machines vary in size from 8” to 16” wide cutting paths. The cutting path is determined by the material that needs to be removed and the horsepower required. We utilize electric and diesel machines. Removals for an indoor project could be trowel down epoxy floors, offset concrete joints, ceramic tile floors, and overlays. Outside projects would include striping removal, asphalt milling, removal of concrete down to 2”, removal of methacrylate, parking lot coatings, or any elastomeric/asphaltic membranes. This process removes any level of thickness to create a smooth surface. All of our processes are performed with dust control, consequently guaranteeing you the highest-quality and safest result.


Grinders use various grits of diamonds to remove, prepare or polish concrete. We use them for a variety of projects ranging from coating removals, concrete surface preparation for another coating or to polish concrete for a finished look. We have one of the largest fleets of grinders in California ranging from small 110v grinders to large remote-controlled ones to a fleet of 4 wide path ride-on grinders. Our goal is find bring the right combination of grinders to make your job run efficiently. Owning grinders is just one part of the equation. We spend considerable time and money each year to research the very best diamonds. We found that cheap import diamonds do not produce the quality floor we expect in floors. Our trained technicians utilize HEPA vacuum systems with the grinders to minimize dust to almost nothing.

Grinding Terco Elastomeric

Our fleet is filled multiple sizes and quantities of shotblasters, floor scrapers, grinders, waterblasters and scarifiers.