About Us


Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc. was started in 2002 in our garage to provide surface preparation solutions to General Contractors and End Users in the construction industry.

At the beginning, we specialized in ultra-high waterblasting (up to 40,000 psi) with vacuum recovery. We worked with oil companies cleaning their heat exchangers, abatement companies with asbestos and lead removal and removing rubber on runways at airports.

Over time we recognized that general contractors and end-users were having issues with concrete surface preparation. As a result, we have spent and do allocate considerable resources to identify and test equipment to find the best tool for each task.

As a result, our surface preparation equipment fleet is the largest of in California. We not only have a wide-variety of equipment but within each category various sizes and power types so that we can put the correct piece of equipment on the job. In addition, we believe in having multiple units of each piece of equipment so in-case something breaks down we have back-up.

All of this equipment is meaningless if we don’t have the best crews. The majority of our team has been with us over 7 years with our key members over 15 years! What’s great about our team is that they care about providing you with the best finish. Their pride about their craft is what makes us the best.



EPS personnel are trained to NEVER sacrifice the finished product.

Customer Service

We will go out of our way to assist you on determining the best solution to your surface preparation needs and see it to completion.

Finish the job with a handshake

Finish the job with a handshake – Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal.


Our systems meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.


We commit the equipment and staff required to complete your project timely without sacrificing quality.


Our fleet of equipment is the most diverse in the industry allowing us to use the right equipment for the job!


Extreme Pressure Systems mission is to solve client surface preparation issues by having the correct piece of equipment, properly trained professional crews with project managers that work hard to understand the client’s needs.