Industries Served

Commercial and Military, Runway Rubber Removal, Paint Stripe Removal, Surface Preparation of existing paint prior to painting, Curing Compound Removal, FAA Compliance Corrections. Click here to learn more.

Concrete Surface preparation for coatings, Removal of floor tile and glue, Surface preparation for the application of moisture barrier, Removal of floor coatings, Epoxy Concrete Polishing. Click here to learn more.

Surface preparation of Bridge Decks, Specialty Hydrodemolition, Thermo and Paint Stripe Removal, Intersection removals. Click here to learn more.

Hospital seismic retrofits, Surface preparation prior to shotcrete (wastewater treatment plants). Click here to learn more.

Lead paint removal, Asbestos removal (Vertical and Horizontal surfaces), Floor tile asbestos mastic removal, Nuclear remediation. Click here to learn more.

Elastomeric Coating Removal, Line Stripe Removal, Concrete Cleaning. Click here to learn more.

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